Food colors and dehydrated fruits and vegetables

ROHA is constantly evolving to serve its customers by co-creating new and innovative solutions that anticipate future demands and developments.

They offer natural colors (Natracol), synthetic colors (Idacol) and industrial colors (Simpsons).

Also, Roha offers many color solutions without E number (Futurals) where they invest a lot in the development of technologies and innovations to offer the best for your products.

Futurals colors are produced exclusively by physical processes, there is absolutely no chemical intervention. The vibrancy of these colors is evident in a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industry.

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Dehydrated fruits and vegetables

With its New Foods brand, Roha offers a range of high-quality natural dehydrated products obtained from fruits, vegetables and herbs. Technologically advanced drying techniques preserve the freshness, color, taste and nutritional value of dehydrated ingredients. Thanks to minimal processing, clients receive an authentic offer that improves taste, texture, color and nutritional value of ready-to-eat food.

New Foods offers protein boosters, aromatic herbs, aromatic preparations from fresh vegetables, meat and fish, Italian cheese, dehydrated mushrooms, pre-cooked and dehydrated vegetables, pre-cooked and dehydrated legumes, dehydrated fruits, dehydrated citrus peels etc.

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