Flavour Seasonings for snack industry

We produce flavour seasonings for savoury snack products:

Potato Chips






Fried nuts and seeds


Mix of snack products


Other sanck products

“Flavour seasoning plays a very important role in the sale success of snack product. If the product does not have a good (rounded) taste, it will not achieve success on the market. We invest a lot of effort in order to offer you the right taste and to create, together with you, a taste that the market will love.”
It is impossible to name all flavor seasonings that we can offer you, but we will list some of them through categories. You are wellcomed to ask us for a flavor you need:


paprika, chili, onion, fried onion, sweet chili, mushrooms…


rosemary, lavender, provence, basil, Mediterranean herbs

Meat, smoked

fried bacon, grill, ham, smoked ham, beef, beef and horseradish, chicken, roasted chicken, bacon, tuna…


cheese and onion, sour cream and onion, butter, cheese, sour cream and spring onion, mozzarella…

Ready meals

pizza, spicy pizza, kebab, hot dog, spicy steak…


ketchup, salsa Brazil, tzatziki…


We place our products on the markets of Croatia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Spain, India, Bulgaria…